Summer Solstice Awakening

Friday, June 21, 7pm-8:30pm

Cost: $25 per person

Looking for a way to celebrate the changing of the seasons? Have you been looking for some inspiration to renew your practice?

Join Jessica Alvarado for a special all-levels class, designed to integrate the expansion of the summer solstice in your practice!

  • Begin with an exploration of breath to find your center and release the stagnation of springtime.
  • Set your intention for the practice and for summer, then enjoy the ample time to embody that intention.
  • Flow through sun salutations to activate the power and strength of the season, while engaging the support to follow your intention and stay contained as you explore and invite new space.
  • Seal the practice with restorative poses to release tension and absorb the unique solstice experience.

This 90 minute class will incorporate many elements to explore, and rest is always encouraged. We will end with a long, meditative savasana to find the support of the earth to set the tone for an abundant summer.