Intro to Thai Bodywork – September 7th – 12-4pm

Explore the history and energetics of Thai Bodywork and learn and practice a simple sequence for the feet, legs, and hips. Thai Bodywork is a great compliment to anyone in a healing modality like Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Physical Therapy, and those who care for others in either a professional or home setting.
Those that go on to take Thai Bodywork Level 1 will get $40 off the price of the course.
Thai Bodywork Level 1 – 30 hours
October 5/6 & 19/20 – 9am-5:30pm
In this 30 hour course, you will learn the energy (sen) lines of Thai medicine, proper body mechanics for both the giver and receiver, and learn a 90 minute sequence that will encompass the feet, legs, hips, shoulders, arms, and neck.
You will learn how to work with various body types in order to eliminate strain in your own body. Learn how to treat bodies that are hyper mobile, as well as how to work with bodies that have limited mobility.
Two hours of this course will be dedicated to using restorative yoga in tandem with Thai Bodywork.
Thai Bodywork compliments nurses, chiropractors, massage/physical therapists, sports coaches/competitive athletes, and anyone who is a caregiver.


Level 2 TBA
Christine Harrelson, 500 HR RYT Hatha
Private Yoga
Thai Bodywork

Inversion Workshop – Thursday, Sept 19th 5:30-7:30 pm

Turn your world upside-down! In this workshop we will explore inversions in a safe and sensible way. Inversions are fun and good for the body-mind. They give us an opportunity to change our perspective on the world. We will explore different ways to go upside down, using props and tools! We will explore variations on inversions that will be appropriate for all levels of practice. We will take a look at handstand and variations; and preparations and alternatives, as well as shoulder stand, and beginning headstand. Learn to safely begin to explore the world of inversions in Yoga Asana!
Cost: $40.00  [ Click here to schedule. ]